Fujifilm Finepix S4240

The Fujifilm Finepix S4240 is an excellent bridge camera aimed at those who seek great quality and creativity without wanting the bulk of a digital SLR. It boasts a huge 24x zoom with extra wide angle, 14 megapixel resolution, an electronic viewfinder and HD movies.

24x Fujinon Zoom
This motorised superzoom lens operates extremely smoothly and has a 24mm wideangle setting which is ideal for indoor and group photos. The equivalent focal length range is 24-672mm. To achieve this zoom range on a digital SLR would require both strong arms and a very large budget. The Dual Image Stabilisation system on this camera keeps it all steady even at long zoom settings – it counteracts both handshake and subject movement.

A Clearer View
With the Finepix S4240, you can choose between an electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 200K dot resolution, or a 3.0” LCD screen with 460K dot resolution. The EVF is particularly useful in sunny conditions where the screen may be difficult to see.

High Resolution CCD Sensor
The Finepix S4080 has an extra fine 14 Megapixel CCD sensor with the facility for up to ISO 6400 sensitivity (at reduced resolution).

Choose your level of Creative Control
The camera can choose anything from all to none of the photographic settings. For example when set to SR Auto (Scene Recognition Auto), the camera automatically detects the type of scene being photographed. However you can choose more creative options too, all the way to Full Manual control.

Ideal for Portraits
The Finepix S4240 features Face Detection with both Blink Detection and “Smile and Shoot” functions. The former warns you when it thinks your subject has blinked and the latter only fires the shutter when your subject smiles.

HD Movies and Photos
This model can play back your still photos in Full HD and also records 720p HD movies at 30frames per second. The included mini HDMI port allows connection to any HD TV with the use of an optional HDMI cable.

Easy Organisation and Web Upload
The review function of the Finepix S4080 uses Face Recognition – choose up to 8 “favourites” for easy tagging by name and therefore easier image searching. Also works in the same way with Auto Scene Recognition for easy filtering by scene type. Also has Image Search with Photobook Assistant. For social networking you can tag photos or videos in-camera as ready for upload to Facebook or YouTube. Then when you connect to the web, MyFinepix Studio automatically uploads your images and movies.

Additional Features

• Motion Panorama Mode – stitches up to 3 images together and automatically fires next image when in alignment with the previous one
• Auto Rotate – detects the orientation (portrait or landscape) that your photo was taken in
• Tracking AF – follows moving subjects
• Intelligent Flash
• Takes 4xAA Batteries

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